Paifu is a happy-go-lucky young monster. Half-vampire, half-werekoala, he lives with his mother in a town of mostly monsters. Most of his days are spent getting into trouble with his best friend, Jose, who is a ghost. But when the dreaded Monster Flu strikes, Paifu and Jose decide that it’s up to them to save the day and get the medicine that the whole town needs to survive.

Toriyama is best known as the creator of the popular manga series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and fans of those works looking for his trademark boy humor combined with action will be just as pleased with this stand alone work. Kids, boys especially, will appreciate the silly humor and will identify with Paifu’s cheerful, anything goes attitude….

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story and art by Akira Toriyama
ISBN: 9781421518053
VIZ Media, 2008