Odds and Ends for a Monday night

Our very own Miss Jen W is interviewed as a Cybill‘s judge — it’s all so very cool. And, let me tell you, having know Miss J since high school, her great wit and charm comes across wonderfully. She is, I kid you not, one of the wittiest people I know. I only wish I were so witty. Fellow NFNT Reviewer, GGNFT Committee member of yore, and all around awesome librarian Snow W has also been interviewed for her own spot on the Cybils. You guys rock.

Also, for anyone who’s watched the Saikano anime, which I’m enjoying greatly with an occasional wince: just what is up with the whole “I’m the ultimate weapon, but I’m kind of a ditz and also have no spine” deal with the female lead? There are moments when it works, but then there are other times when I’m like, who doesn’t ask about the process (and whether they’ll ever be human again) when being asked to be turned into a giant weapon by the military/government? Then again, maybe that’s precisely why they chose her — she was too dim to say no. Sigh. It’s just so..distracting, from what is otherwise quite awesome.