The Missing White Dragon

Eastern and western fairy tales mingle with the real world in this collection of five magical stories by Park Young Ha. Each one is a satisfying blend of romance and adventure, featuring plucky heroines, scheming sorcerers, and visitors from other realms (both helpful and mischievous). In the title story, a young aristocrat forced into an arranged marriage with a demon girl finds an unlikely ally in his new fiancĂ©e. In “Dispel Magic”, a modern day wanna-be witch needs help from her best friend (and a local warlock) to get out of a magical mishap. Talking animals, fairy servants, and spells that misfire all add to the charm (what do you do when you summon a magical nightingale and it comes out as a chicken?), and the art is a perfect match for the eclectic mix of humor and fantasy. The Missing White Dragon is a must for fairy tale and fantasy fans in need of a quick vacation from the mundane.

The Missing White Dragon
by Park Young Ha
ISBN: 9781596970137
Infinity Studios, 2005

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