Hot Gimmick, vol. 2

After much prompting, Hatsumi confesses her feelings to Azusa and he kisses her. While she blushes with happiness, the look on Azusa’s face is cold. Ryoki, furious upon learning that Azusa and Hatsumi are now a couple, tries to tell Hatsumi that Azusa is up to something and demands that his slave have nothing more to do with Azusa. Hatsumi, confident that Azusa will protect her, tells her master to get stuffed then sneaks out of the house to meet Azusa for her first real date. Azusa slips something into Hatsumi’s drink, causing her to get woozy and sleepy very quickly. Luckily, Shinogu is a waiter at the club and sees Hatsumi in distress, paying for her cab ride home. Azusa, disgusted that his dastardly plan was foiled, tells Shinogu that he is awfully protective of a girl who isn’t really his sister. Ryoki, who is in complete control of the rest of his life, is not sure how to react to his new feelings for Hatsumi and the hold he sees Azusa has over his slave. Shinogu, who has previously appeared only as a doting brother, suddenly becomes a player in the drama when it becomes clear that he already knew he is not related to Hatsumi. And, what happened to cause Azusa to want revenge so badly he is willing to hurt his childhood friend? After volume two, the reader begins to question who the heroes of this story really are.

Hot Gimmick Volume 2
by Miki Aihara
ISBN: 9781591162278
Viz , 2003

Also available with volumes 1 and 3 in Hot Gimmick VIZ BIG edition, vol. 1: ISBN 9781421523484