110 Percent

110 Percent explores what happens when an obsession gets out of control. The book follows three women–Cathy, Sasha, and Gertrude–who all love the boyband 100 Percent. They’re all friends and members of the 110 Percent fanclub, and they do ridiculous things–like driving to New Jersey to pick up the leftovers that 110 Percent throws out of their touring bus–to show that their devotion to the band. As 110 Percent’s concert and the day of the release of their new cd get closer, the three women’s shared obsession gradually takes over their lives. This is a fascinating graphic novel because it uses pop culture as a lens to look at what’s really important in life: family and friends. Tony Consiglio’s black and white art is simple but excellently convey the emotion the characters are feeling. This is a graphic novel meant for older teens and adults: there’s one sexual scene and some sexual innuendo in the book.

110 Percent
by Tony Consiglio
ISBN: 9781891830754
Top Shelf, 2006

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