Powers, vol. 3: Little Deaths

Slyly commenting on our own media obsessed culture, this third volume of Powers features the fall of another hero, the Superman-like Olympia. Getting under the skin, so to speak, of such a towering figure is not only what every citizen wants to see but also may well be more than they should ask for. In such exposes, great idols fall and all anyone can remember is the scandal and the hot babes, not the heroism or the dedication to using powers for good. This volume is a little more scattered than the previous two, with a number of storylines that don’t quite hang together. Then again, this is a cop show, basically, and the individual storylines are accomplished and intriguing. My favorite thing, by far, is the extremely funny and completely appropriate guest appearance of Warren Ellis, author of The Authority and Transmetropolitan, as a civilian doing a ride-along with Detective Walker. Who better to comment on the world of Powers, and, I might add, be cracking one liners with great speed and agility?

Powers, vol. 3: Little Deaths
By Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Michael Avon Oeming
Image Comics 2002