Powers, vol. 2: Roleplay

Powers continues to be one of the strongest and distinctive titles on the market, despite drawing on the familiar tropes of the superhero story and the gritty cop drama. Bendis, with all the usual wit, and slick artist Oeming make a dynamic creative duo and, like the best fiction, use the familiar setting and ideas to uncover greater themes that are smack in the middle of our own culture, superheroes or not. This time, Detectives Walker and Pilgrim are called upon to investigate the mysterious deaths of 3 college students on one night. That in itself makes the case a redball, but on top of that, in a world where you must be a licensed Power to wear a costume, all 3 dead bodies are dressed up as some of the best and brightest of the Powers pantheon. As the title might clue you in, these kids were playing out roles, but just why were they all murdered? Old enemies return to haunt both Detectives and the strain of Walker’s past is creeping ever nearer to the surface despite all his efforts to keep a low profile.

Powers, vol. 2: Roleplay
ISBN: 9781582406954
By Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Michael Avon Oeming
Image Comics 2001