Crossroad, vol. 3

While on their date, Kajitsu confesses to Akai that making memories with someone she knows is leaving is too painful for her and ending the date giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.  Upon returning home, she tells Natsu he is the only person she is truly afraid of losing.  When Kajitsu gets jealous of some classmates who try to attract Natsu’s attention, Natsu scolds her for trying to monopolize his time.  He explains that while he knows he loves Kajitsu, he isn’t sure if it is love for a sister or a woman and asks for time to work out his feelings.  Kajitsu continues to confide in Akai, now a permanent member of the staff, who finds himself more and more attracted to Kajitsu.  While having an illicit affair with a teacher may be many a young girl’s fantasy, seeing it played out is a bit disturbing.  Add the kind-of-but-not-really forbidden love of a sister for her step-brother and the sweetness to angst ratio hits the ceiling.  Will Natsu come to love Kajitsu?  Will Akai take his teasing too far?  Ah, the drama!

Crossroad, Volume 3
by Shioko Mizuki
ISBN: 1933617004
Go! Comics, 2006