The Books of Magic, vol. 4: Transformation

After Tim and Molly’s unscheduled jaunt to Hell and back, the adults in their lives become concerned about their behavior. Forbidden to see Tim, Molly tries to come to terms with the fact that her boyfriend may become an evil villain. Meanwhile, Tim and his father have a chance to rebuild their relationship (if magic doesn’t get in the way). Mr. Hunter has finally emerged from his grief and found a new love, but Tim’s future step-family includes a boy who may be dangerously unhinged.

Transformations brings Tim face to face with the consequences of the magic in his life. Desperate to avoid hurting Molly, Tim accepts help from the sorceress Circe. But can any outside force really prevent him from making the wrong choices? Transformations is perhaps the most moving installment of the series, as Tim and Molly do some painful growing up.

The Books of Magic, vol. 4: Transformations
Written by John Ney Rieber
Art by Peter Gross
ISBN: 9781563894176
DC Comics/Vertigo, 1998