The Books of Magic, vol. 3: Reckonings

Tim wants to introduce Molly to the world of magic, but doing so exposes her to dangers she had never imagined. Trapped by the demon Barbatos, Molly discovers a dark plan to turn her into the “perfect” woman for the future Tim. Reckonings contains some of Rieber’s funniest and most inventive ideas, particularly his wonderfully bureaucratic Hell. While Molly fights to avoid being turned into a living fashion doll, Tim must survive various trials (including navigating a Hell that’s “remodeling to serve you!”) before he’s reunited with his love.

The Books of Magic, vol. 3: Reckonings
Written by John Ney Rieber
Art by Peter Snejbjerg, Peter Gross, John Ridgeway
ISBN: 1563893215
DC Comics/Vertigo, 1997