Ultimate X-Men, vol. 8: New Mutants

This volume of Ultimate X-Men introduces Warren Worthington, later known by his X-name of Angel. Warren’s arrival at the Xavier Institute with his highly visible and dramatic mutation of angel wings tests the acceptance and understanding of even the Xavier Institute attendees. His story in this volume is one of coming to accept who he is and be accepted in turn. It is also about beginning to understand Xavier’s mission and his place in it. Bendis tells Warren’s story well, and uses it to convey a delicate understanding of what the X-Men universe has always tried to say about diversity and community. Bendis doesn’t let other elements of the ongoing plot drop and he pulls in a creepy subplot about the new ways General Fury is using the X-Men. The colors are lush, and David Finch conveys a subtle sense of how different the X-Men are even when they look just like everyone else.

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 8: New Mutants
ISBN: 9780785111610
By Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Finch
Marvel Comics 2004