Teen Titans, vol. 2: Family Lost

Raven is back . . .maybe. Or maybe it’s something else that’s wearing Raven’s shape. Or maybe . . . any way you cut it, it’s probably not good news. Raven is supposed to be dead, several times over, and the last time was supposed to be the final time; her body was destroyed thus freeing her spirit. But, perhaps not. Geoff Johns does a very good job of summarizing Raven’s origin and downfall for the new Teen Titans and the new reader alike. Once again Johns manages to describe the tension between the new, young, Teen Titans who only know Raven as a negative and destructive force, and the older original Teen Titans who knew her first as their friend and were witness to her struggle against forces that were looking to use her because of her heritage. This volume also includes what is possibly one of the single funniest exchanges about hiding new batmobiles in batarang budgets (which is larger than you might think). The art work here has the same vibrant colors and dynamic movement of the first volume.

Teen Titans, vol. 2: Family Lost
ISBN: 9781401202385
By Geoff Johns
Art by Mike McKone, Ivan Reis, Tom Grummett
DC Comics 2004