Paradise Kiss, vol. 4

The Yaza Arts fashion show is finally here, and Yukari is about to make her runway debut modeling George’s creation. The Paradise Kiss team have worked feverishly to be ready in time, with Yukari trying to balance school and fashion. Yukari’s mother has agreed to support her modeling career, but still disapproves of her wasting her time with a bunch of fashion students. Our heroine’s relationship with George has grown closer in some ways, but there’s still a gulf between them; as volume 4 unfolds, Yukari realizes just how differently she and her lover see the world. While they love each other, their relationship continues to be rocky–especially when a rival appears on the scene. Yukari struggles with trust and jealousy, responsibility and freedom. How much longer can she continue with this balancing act? Readers can’t help but sympathize as Yukari navigates the muddy emotional waters of her first relationship: “…I tell myself that I don’t need him to love me, when all I want is for him to love me.”

Paradise Kiss Volume 4
by Ai Yazawa
ISBN: 1591821088
Tokyopop, 2003