Wish, vol. 2

All of the introductions of Volume 1 out of the way, the story starts to really take off in Volume 2. Shuichiro, his usual calm slowly unsettled by his numerous heavenly and hellish houseguests, is attempting to figure out a way to both help Kohaku and make her happy. Kohaku is torn by emotions unfamiliar to her innocent heart: her growing fondness for Shuichiro, her sympathy for star-crossed lovers Hisui and Kokuyou, and her desire to continue to do God’s bidding.

With the arrival of Shuichiro’s grandfather from Canada, Kohaku is reminded she still has made no progress in finding out Shuichiro’s wish. She strikes a deal with the devious Kouryuu to travel to Shuichiro’s past without quite thinking through just why Kouryuu would offer such a trip. Shuichiro, it turns out, may not be quite as human as everyone thinks, nor is his history one without sorrow. Meanwhile, Hisui maintains house for everyone and she and Kokuyou ponder their fate. Kokuyou is pestered by the nagging feeling that he knows something important about Shuichiro, but cannot put his finger on it, and each time he seems about to remember someone interrupts his train of thought. As the loyalties get more muddled, one thing becomes clear to everyone but Kohaku and Shuichiro — they are falling in love. Can they escape a fate like Hisui and Kokuyou, or are they destined for banishment and pain?

Wish Volume 2
ISBN: 9781591820604
Tokyopop, 2002