Queen and Country novel: A Gentleman’s Game

Just to be clear, this is not a graphic novel. Greg Rucka started his career as a mystery/spy novel author. He has had astounding success in the graphic novel/comic field, but he also continues to write non-graphic novels (although I have no idea where he finds the time). A Gentleman’s Game is a spy novel set in the Queen and Country universe. You don’t have to have read the graphic novels to follow the plot, and I doubt that you will have to have read this novel to follow the plot of the next volume of Queen and Country. However, if you’re looking for a Queen and Country fix, this is a good place to get it. Greg Rucka again demonstrates his finely nuanced understanding of both foreign politics and the internal chicanery of inter-departmental politics. A Gentleman’s Game is a well written, fast paced and smart political spy thriller.

Queen and Country novel: A Gentleman’s Game
ISBN: 9780553584929
By Greg Rucka
Bantam 2004

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