Batman: No Man’s Land, vol. 5

Lex Luthor has decided to show up in Gotham and defy the governmental ban on communications with the city. He’s pouring money, man power and infrastructure into the city, and nobody’s entirely sure why. Except, Batman has a pretty good idea. He and Oracle having been waiting for a move like this, but they haven’t spent a year reclaiming their city from gangs just to give it up to Lex Luthor. When the move comes they are ready for it. The series ends with the revocation of the No Man’s Land. Commissioner Gordon is reinstated and given a new charter as Police Commissioner. The army moves into to help with the rebuilding. In the end though, it is Gotham who brought herself back from chaos, and Gotham who rebuilt herself.

Batman: No Man’s Land, vol. 5
ISBN: 9781563897092
By Greg Rucka, Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Devin Grayson
Art by Greg Land, Sergio Cariello, Dale Eaglesham, Damion Scott, Pablo Raimondi
DC Comics 2001