Any film noir fans out there? You know, thuggish gangsters, whipsmart private detectives, dames with attitude? In Torso, an Eisner Award winner, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Andreyko retell the true story of what happened to Elliot Ness after his golden days of catching Al Capone. Promoted to Safety Director of the city of Cleveland, he seemed on top of the world — little did he know that within weeks of taking the position, he would be faced with the first serial killer to stalk on American soil. By the finish, disgraced and beaten, Ness, when interviewed, insisted that the case was closed…but no one was ever convicted of the crime. Bendis and Andreyko piece together bits of the puzzle to shine light on their idea of the finish, to chilling and immensely satisfying effect.

ISBN: 9781582401744
By Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Andreyko
Image Comics 2001

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