In the sequel to Goldfish, again featuring his striking black and white artwork, all of the fallout from when we last saw Goldfish has settled somewhat. Goldfish still has a talent for persuasion and collecting less than stellar associates. That is, until he meets Jinx. Jinx is a bounty hunter – whip smart, just as much of a fighter as Goldfish, and with an attitude the most hardcore of the convicts she trails. She’s also burned out in a thankless job, hovering somewhere between the law and the underworld. When these two loners’ paths collide, things are bound to get exciting and, unfortunately, complicated. Add the abrasive Columbia to the mix (a character who looks, and apparently acts, like the author himself at his most obnoxious moments), and no one is safe.

ISBN: 1582401799
By Brian Michael Bendis
Image Comics 2001

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