The Sandman, vol. 5: A Game of You

A Game of You tells Barbie’s tale. In the waking world she lives in a small, run down apartment, and is perpetually broke. In the dream world she is the hope of an embattled world. She is a Princess leading a hopeless quest to save the world. What happens when the dream world takes over? When you cannot escape your dream self? This volume also introduces Thessaly, who is one of the most mysterious and eeriest characters in the Sandman world. She’s also one of the most fascinating. She breaks through the barrier of dream to lead Barbie’s waking friends into Barbie’s dream world to save her, and save the world on both sides of the border. But, what are the consequences of doing that?

Sandman, vol. 5: A Game of You
ISBN: 9781563890895
By Neil Gaiman
Art by Shawn McManus, Colleen Doran, Bryant Talbot, George Pratt, Stan Woch, Dick Giordano
DC Comics/Vertigo 1993