Sinbad the Sailor

Anyone who’s ever yearned to travel the high seas and see unknown places may do well to read Sinbad’s account of his seven trips into the great beyond. An incurable wanderer, Sinbad can’t help but be pulled into adventure on the waves even if all is well at home. You’d think after the first time he almost drowned his wanderlust might have waned. Nope. It takes 7 trips, countless escapes from death, wonders almost too amazing to believe, and a really big bird to make Sinbad stay home. As with all sea stories, though, they make the best after dinner conversation. Williams once again brings old tales to life, and the rich colors of Baghdad and the ocean blue make the illustrations especially fine.

Sinbad the Sailor
ISBN: 1564023109
By Marcia Williams
Candlewick Press, 1994

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