Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority

Jenny Sparks is, according to those involved, a blond, female, and distinctly more super-powered version of her creator, the dynamic Warren Ellis (although there are those who would argue that he has plenty of superpowers of his own). When Ellis left The Authority in Mark Millar’s hands, Jenny too made her exit, for no one could quite fathom Jenny Sparks without Ellis’ spirit behind her. Jump forward a couple of years and Millar, with Ellis’ blessing, decides to give the impossible task a whack and revisit The Authority‘s fearless leader’s life. Shuttling back and forth through the 20th century (of course), we get to see moments private and grand. The tale is happily executed with all the familiar in your face attitude we readers have all missed. A welcome return of a unique and complex superhero, this volume also highlights the genius of both series’ writers and the unforgettable icon of a new cast for superheroes.

Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority
ISBN: 1563897695
by Mark Millar
Art by John McCrea
DC Comics/Wildstorm 2001