Lenore: Wedgies

Meet Lenore, the sweetest little dead girl you’ll ever meet. Well, perhaps not the sweetest — she’s certainly cute, in a decrepit sort of way, but she’s also a little girl, full of tantrums and odd practical jokes. From her tea parties to her attempts at answering life’s (or death’s) more puzzling questions, Lenore is just creepy enough to elicit a squeal or two while still underscoring every scene with a light touch of humor. Roman Dirge’s art is simple and disarming in strong black and white, appropriately abstract for what would be a rather gruesome sight in detail. Not for the squeamish — the ew! factor is fairly high — but then again, sometimes a harmless creep-out is what you’re looking for.

Lenore Wedgies!
ISBN: 9781848562714
by Roman Dirge
Titan Books 2010 (new color edition)