Tellos, vol. 2: Kindred Spirits

First things first: do not, I repeat, do not peek at the end of this title! The twister at the end of this tale is such a wonderful, wrenching treat that any preview will kill your enjoyment. If you peek, I will track you down and whap you on the head. Really. Rejoin Jarek, Koj, Serra, Hawke and Rikk on their journey to save their world. Despite the best intentions, these comrades are facing some terrible losses despite the two groups finally finding each other. Koj, once a slave, longs to discover his homeland and people again. Jarek instinctively knows his place as hero, but finds it hard to grasp that one small boy could be so important. Serra finally tracks down her wandering love Hawke, only to be once again frustrated by his secrets. None of our heroes, however, have much time to rest before the evil that is still storming across their home will strike and rip them all apart. A truly satisfying conclusion to a major storyline awaits, once again with the humor, drama, and derring-do of the first volume of Tellos. The buckle and swash are here in spades.

Tellos: Kindred Spirits
ISBN: 1582402310
by Todd Dezago
Art by Mike Wieringo and Paul Mounts
Image Comics 2001