Sigil, vol. 1: Mark of Power

Samandahl Rey doesn’t ask much of life. All he wants is to enjoy a night out of gaming, the companionship of his best friend and partner, the sassy Roiya Sintor, and the command of his own ship in the intergalactic star field he calls home. What he gets, however, is a strange and powerful mark, his best friend killed in an ambush, and the power to detonate a mysterious large-scale weapon in an outpouring of grief. Due to his hasty retreat from the scene of the crime, strangers are forced to flee into his crew, his beloved ship is left hanging on by a thread, and he’s retreating from every friend and foe in the galaxy, all of whom want to know what that weapon was. Sam is an ex-military, no-nonsense sort of guy. Enemies, comrades, battle, strategy, loyalty–all these things he understands. Magical powers, the mysterious reappearance of Roiya, and blinking into other worlds, he’s not so comfortable with. An excellent straight sci-fi title from the consistently polished CrossGen universe, Sigil contains all the humor and action of classics of the genre, and the artwork lives up to CrossGen’s high standards.

Sigil, vol. 1: Mark of Power
ISBN: 1931484015
by Barbara Kesel
Art by Scot Eaton, Andrew Hennessy, and Wil Quitana
CrossGen 2002