Mystic, vol. 1: Rite of Passage

Workaholic though I may be, I deeply understand the need to party. Even I need to let everything go, maybe dress up, and go crazy with my friends. Giselle, however, may have run with this urge a little too far. Having gained a reputation as an unrepentant social butterfly, Giselle embraces the nightlife while feeling a bit miffed when her older sister, the buttoned-down Genevieve, consistently chides her for her choices. For one night, at least, Giselle promises to be on her best, most respectful, behavior–her sister is achieving her life-long dream of becoming one of the magical seven Guild Masters of their home world Ciress. No matter what the local gossips think, Giselle wouldn’t miss it for the world. Without any warning, in the middle of the austere ceremony, Giselle is touched with enormous power and suddenly not only steals away Genevieve’s Guild spirit, but all of the Guild Masters’ spirits. Whether she wants to or not, she now holds all of the power of Ciress. Stripped down to an unbelievably skimpy outfit (which she proceeds to complain about for the duration of the tale), Giselle sets out to get rid of this unasked for “gift.” On top of that, however, she now has the seven Guild spirits squabbling in her head while the Guild Masters agree to kill her for her unintentional theft. Lush with magic and a 1930s Art Nouveau visual style, Mystic is another fine addition to CrossGenÕs worlds, with Giselle begrudgingly taking her place in its pantheon of intelligent and spunky heroines.

Mystic, vol. 1: Rite of Passage
ISBN: 1931484007
by Ron Marz
Art by Brandon Peterson and Andrew Crossley
CrossGen 2002