Gen 13: Superhuman Like You

Last update, I was introduced to The Authority, hardened, fierce peacekeepers. Gen13 is like a superhero team made up of the Authority’s bratty younger siblings. The members of Gen13 are young, hot, powerful, and in the prime of their teenage lives. This collection starts off with a deliberate homage to VH1’s Behind the Music specials, but this time, it’s Behind the Powers. Hilariously tracking each Gen13 member’s rise to fame and fall from grace, this tale also serves to introduce the cast: the lecherous Grunge, the brainy beauty Caitlin, her insecure younger sister Freefall, the impulsive Burnout, and the imperious Rainmaker. Assisted by their android housekeeper Anna, they manage to save home city San Francisco a few times over while braving the wilds of superhero parties, fast-food joints, and each others’ spiky personalities. Note: don’t read this in a place where you’ll be embarrassed to laugh out loud. Often.

Gen13: Superhuman like You
ISBN: 1563898772
by Adam Warren
Art by Ed Benes, Kaare Andrews, and Vince Russell
DC Comics/Wildstorm 2002