Electric Girl, vol. 1

Electric Girl, a.k.a. Virginia, is not a butt-kicking, witty, whip-smart female superhero, as her name might suggest. No. Instead, Virginia is a witty, whip-smart, not so butt-kicking teenage girl who just happens to be the best natural conductor of electricity since copper. Michael Brennan’s delightful book shows Virginia’s life and adventures with a logical eye toward what it would really be like. As a baby, Virginia unwittingly zaps every person she meets for the first time. She kills time by recharging batteries. When she gets angry, her electricity tends to get a little bit out of control. Featuring Virginia, her meddling invisible gremlin “friend” Oogleeoog, and her fearless dog Blammo (the best name for a dog ever), this first collection of the Electric Girl comics is, well, exciting! Keep an eye out for the short sequences of silent, image-only stories–they show the amazing strength of an image to tell a complex (and funny) story.

Electric Girl, vol. 1
ISBN: 9780970355508
by Michael Brennan
AiT/Planet Lar 2000

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