Ultimate Spider-Man, vol. 3: Double Trouble

Peter Parker just can’t win. The city’s now convinced that Spider-man is a wacko in PJs despite Peter’s many miraculous saves. On top of convincing the world that his alter-ego is a white hat, Peter is also inching forward in his relationship with Mary Jane, only to have an entrancing new girl throw a wrench in the works. Then Dr. Otto Octavious, whose massive metal arms, once his surgical tools, have been melded to his ribcage in freak accident, breaks out of his holding cell. Intent on destroying the men responsible for his condition, Dr. Octavius goes on a rampage, and Spiderman does his best to run to the rescue. Facing mysterious men in black, a reality TV hunter determined to catch Spider-man on live TV, and the ever more confusing signals of teenage girls, Peter fights to win back his good name both in the spotlight and at home. The quips just get better and better (this volume had me cheerily giggling on the bus)– when Spider-man can insult his foe’s hairdo with flair, you know you’re in the hands of a great writer. The artwork remains its fine, brilliant best. All I can say is more!

Ultimate Spiderman, vol. 3: Double Trouble
ISBN: 9780785108795
by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley and Art Thibert
Marvel Comics 2002