Jomi wants to be taken seriously as a painter. Her heroes are the Flemish masters, Vermeer at the top of the list, and like those illustrious artists, Jomi strives to show the amazing beauty in everyday life. Jomi, however, is cursed with one problem: she’s an android raised as a human. No one is willing to believe that she has either any talent or insight into human emotion. So, in order to pay the bills, she enters into the family business: being a bodyguard. Her father and three rambunctious brothers are skeptical, to say the least, and insist on tailing her everywhere she goes. A supposedly easy assignment watching a supermodel’s back turns into a much more complicated case, and all of a sudden, Jomi is asked to forge one of Vermeer’s lost works. Will she take that back-handed compliment and mimic her mentor? Can she save her client from a dangerously inept stalker? Will her father and brothers ever let her do her job alone? Filled with excellent, light artwork and humor, Geisha examines personal vocations and family loyalties with a true eye and breezy humor.

ISBN: 9781929998517
by Andi Watson
Oni Press 2003 (complete edition)

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