I have a rather strong tendency toward considering rambling, esoteric questions about the nature of reality– just ask my friends. Some of my favorite stories, graphic novels or otherwise, are those that twist reality that little bit and ask “what if?” In the unique Amnesia, first time graphic novel author John Malloy has created a reality and dreamscape so intertwined that the distinctions between the two are both unnecessary and troublesome. Chloe seeks an interview with filmmaker Ike Reuben, but both are already connected by a string of dreams and realities that neither is completely aware of. The disjointed storytelling makes for a tough read at times, and the meaning depends almost entirely on the reader’s interpretation. The artwork veers far from the usual comic art, using recycled photographs and line art together, the artist battering and warping those images into frames almost as tenuous as the story. Although not for everyone, I, for one, am curious what this author will create next.

ISBN: 9781561632961
by John Malloy
NBM Publishing, Inc 2001

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