Meridian, vol. 1: Flying Solo

Sephie lives in an ideal world– destined on day to rule as Minister of her land, Meridian, in her father’s place, she adores her family and friends and, most of all, the miraculous floating island she calls home. Everything changes in one horrible night– Sephie is marked with a mysterious symbol of power, her father dies, and her uncle whisks her away to his own cold and sinister court. At first Sephie is too overwhelmed by shock and despair to see the changes in her uncle– he too was marked that night and can destroy anything he chooses with a simple touch. Without any consideration for Sephie’s right to rule and driven by greed, her uncle attacks Meridian and enforces a harsh rule. Stunned out of her daze, Sephie flees back to Meridian and starts to discover the true nature of her own power.

Meridian, vol. 1: Flying Solo
ISBN: 1931484031
By Barbara Kessel
Art by Joshua Middleton, Steve McNiven, and Dexter Vines
CrossGen Comics 2001